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Get an immediate improvement in the well-being of your physical, mental and emotional body from the first session.


Reiki Usui, a manual therapy of natural medicine. 


Relaxed mind

Usui Reiki therapy helps you relax your mind. It causes a very pleasant state of relaxation, reducing or eliminating anxiety. 

healthy sleep

The immediate result of an Usui Reiki session is deep, restful sleep. Helps reduce insomnia.

Know your emotions

Release repressed emotions. Relieves physical, mental, emotional or spiritual exhaustion. Improves self-esteem.

Pampering your body

Increases our energy level, providing physical and emotional vitality.

Reiki and sport

It reduces the risk of suffering injuries as it strengthens our immune system, always taking into account that we avoid overtraining. Improves metabolic functions. 

Complete your Treatments

Usui Reiki is ideal as a complementary therapy, if you are undergoing chronic treatment. Improves the functioning and physiological performance of cells and organs.

The sensory experience includes:


Rich incenses will help you calm your spirits, relax, and clarify your ideas. They act on the nervous and endocrine system with relaxing and antidepressant effects.


Accompanied by the light of candles, transport yourself to a pleasant atmosphere, to connect with your spiritual part and fill you with peace.

Essential oils

With essential aromas you will be able to relax, choosing in the session the one that resonates most with you and connects you with your internal state. Discovering therapeutic and calming sensations


Calm and instrumental music, with an important oriental accent, that will help you enter a state of meditation and deep relaxation.

Who am I and what do I specialize in?

Hello, my name is Carmen Gracia, I am a Usui Reiki teacher. I have been dedicated to giving and teaching Usui Reiki for more than 7 years.

With the passage of time, Reiki has acquired an evident importance in my life, helping people, in order to balance their energy system and therefore their physical, mental and emotional system.

Why did I come to Reiki and Complementary Therapies? To make my life easier, and to be able to help other people and thus feel fulfilled with the flow of life.

What benefits does Usui Reiki have?

The benefits of Reiki are varied, it reduces physical and emotional pain by unblocking blocked ki energy. Stimulates internal and own regeneration forces. Helps the immune system.The benefits of Reiki are varied, it reduces physical and emotional pain by unblocking blocked ki energy. Stimulates internal and own regeneration forces. Helps the immune system.

  • Improves metabolic functions..

  • Generates well-being and improves self-esteem..

  • Improves cases of insomnia and encourages sleep..

  • Reduces stress, depression and lack of vitality. 

  • It produces balance and increases mental clarity and concentration.

Usui Reiki Services

Reiki at Home

If you want to receive an Usui Reiki session and you cannot leave the house, either due to age, illness, functional diversity, or due to the situation we are experiencing with COVID-19. I go to your home with all the precautions and comforts as in the room.

Distance Reiki

Yes, at a distance! It works exactly the same as an in-person session. It doesn't matter if it's your neighbor or if you're 100,000 km away because it's going to work! If you are in a hospital, in a convalescent home, or going through a time that does not allow you to go outside, such as COVID-19, do not hesitate and choose this option.

Reiki for Animals

Did you know that Usui Reiki also helps animals and plants? Yes, animals are sensitive beings and suffer just like us. Reiki is ideal as a complementary therapy for your pet, if it is being treated by a veterinarian.


They have already trusted me



First time customer information

  • I recommend that you come calmly, without expectations, wanting to disconnect from the noise of daily life. Allow yourself to feel from sensations and not from the mind.

  • Only if you want, be sure to share with me if you have any pain, are going through a traumatic or emotional process, or simply want to enjoy an Usui Reiki session.

  • Explain the purpose of your visit to allow the healing to be focused and tailored to your special needs and requirements.

  • Live your healing experience through Usui Reiki

    asEnjoy a healthy, relaxed life, free of repressed emotions


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